When we talk about gym design to the max, we are talking about the layout of the Rotterdam Workoutclub. Workoutclub offers a very contemporary training concept such as small group training and will soon open its third fitness boutique doors in West. At Workoutclub you exercise with personal attention. From the moment you walk in, you feel that personal vibe. This is also reflected in the interior and use of materials. Lifemaxx had the pleasure of equipping the club completely.

Willeke Zorg, founder and personal trainer, chooses her products with care. Eleven years ago she came into contact with Lifemaxx: “I remember that, as a true Rotterdammer, I liked that Lifemaxx is a Rotterdam based company, and that I could go there on Saturdays. At that time I only gave outdoor personal training in my spare hours and at people's homes. I still have the products I bought back then today.”

In 3 steps to a fully equipped gym

“When I started Workoutclub, I didn't hesitate for a moment and immediately called Lifemaxx to think along with me about the gym design and the products. I wanted to use the space as best as possible so that you can train optimally with 10 to 12 people and we did that in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

A personal appointment with Armin from Lifemaxx who came to view the space we have. He then made a customized advice, including the gym design in a 3D drawing. What struck me is the involvement, the thinking along and the creativity. For example, the products we had in mind suddenly appeared in a completely different place in the drawing. Because that way the floor is used best and people have plenty of room to move around."

Step 2

Discuss the drawing. What needs to be added, what can be removed and how can we use the space even more effectively with new or different materials. “The adjusted drawing came quickly and we discussed it with all products at the Lifemaxx office.” For the club we have chosen a black gym floor including sprint track. Furthermore, the club is very efficiently set up so that there is enough space in the middle to train. With plyo boxes on both sides, in the back of the rigs with the different rods and plates, kettlebells, barbells and a sled. In the back there was enough space to hang the punching bags. “We have opted for products and fitness accessories that allow you to do a wide variety of small group workouts. Everything has been thought of; from beautiful, ingenious storage options to a cool partition between the reception area and the sports area.”

Step 3

The delivery. “D-day. Exciting! Everything was delivered at once and on time. The floor is super amazing. Both the installation and furnishing were done by employees of Lifemaxx themselves with an enormous amount of specialist product knowledge. Plus they think along well. In no time, the space was furnished just like the drawing.”

Willeke concludes with: “I experienced the entire process as extremely pleasant, fast and professional. With an extensive, professional range and a personal top service. This is gym design to the max. May we continue to work together for a long time to come, team Lifemaxx!”


Watch the video below for all the before and after photos.