"The weights don't care about your age."

Starting with exercising when you are in your forties; for many people there is a high threshold associated with this. 'Can I even do it?', 'Am I not too old?', 'Will I not look like a fool?' .. all fears that stand in the way of taking the first step. “Nonsense”, say Lifemaxx ambassador Claudia and Crossmaxx athletes Bastiaan and Marion. “Because exercise is always good, regardless of your age!” In this blog Claudia, Bastiaan and Marion explain why age is irrelevant when it comes to sports and why you should start when you are over 40.


"Do it for yourself!"

“Actually, I only started CrossFit® when I was already 'old'. I had stopped smoking and noticed my body was changing. That was something I absolutely did not want to accept, so I decided to do something about it. I first went to the 'normal' gym, but I soon found that boring. And then I was introduced to CrossFit®. I was hooked from the first wod. Amazing what my body could handle and what it was capable of. I felt strong!

To feel even better, I also started eating healthy. Actually, that is automatically part of CrossFit®, everyone is always talking about food. Healthy food gives more energy and I have benefited from that for years now! I certainly don't feel 54. I feel like every day I can take on every challenge. And yes, I also lift heavy things. But I don't skip my wine either ;)

I would like to say to anyone who has doubts and thinks they are too old, too fat, or have other issues: Go to a box, everyone is welcome in the CrossFit® world! Make the change, do it for yourself. Become strong, both physically and mentally, because then life will smile at you. GO FOR IT!"

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"Since doing CrossFit® I feel stronger, fitter and healthier."

“Many people do sports in their youth, but when the 'serious life' starts, people sometimes forget to invest in themselves. Sport is being pushed aside and the focus is on career and family. The balance is gone.

I don't have to tell anyone that exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle, everyone knows that. However, it is not self-evident that people keep moving. And the older we get, the more easily we skip the road to sports and nutrition. The danger is that you will end up in a downward spiral in the longer term. You lose muscle mass, which can lead to loss of function and ultimately to a reduced quality of life. You lose confidence in your body, you don't go outside or less and your social life gets smaller and smaller.

However, the solution is not that difficult. You make two or three moments a week free for yourself in your "busy" agenda. Where you don't have to think about the daily things and where you can focus on yourself. I myself was lucky enough to come into contact with CrossFit® in 2011 (when I was 35 years old). CrossFit® is all-encompassing for me. The workouts are challenging, so it requires your full focus. You train in a group with all levels, which you can grow up to and with all ages so that you also stay young at heart. CrossFit® goes hand in hand with healthy nutrition, this is the basis for performing in the gym but also in everyday life. CrossFit® makes you think about this more consciously.

CrossFit® has given me the opportunity to be active at competition level even at an 'older' age. Many Throwdowns are organized where you can measure your fitness with peers. This ranges from small events in, for example, your own box (gym) to the world championships in America, where the best master athletes in the world come together. In addition to being a competitive event, these types of events are also a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people.

I have been involved in sports all my life. Judo was the basis in my youth and I did the CIOS and the sports academy. I have worked as a fitness instructor in the regular gym and have been a sports instructor in defense for 14 years. Yet I have never been this fit. Since doing CrossFit® I feel stronger, fitter and healthier. That is why I always want to continue to do this and I am inspired by master athletes of 70 years and older, who are still so active in life.”

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"Getting stronger is a lot of fun!"

“Start exercising when you are over 40? Yes of course!! Exercise is healthy for you, especially as you get older. Not only for the well-known story that it helps against cardiovascular diseases, but also to feel fit.

Getting fit doesn't come easy and you have to work hard for it. But that's exactly why you should do it! Something only has real value if you have to work hard for it. If everyone gets it as a gift, it is no longer special. The real question is, are you up for the challenge?

Are you willing to invest an hour in yourself 2-3 times a week? It makes you feel good, gives you more energy and makes you look better. Don't make it too difficult with figuring out exactly what to do. You just have to start.

I always say, it doesn't matter what you do in sports, as long as you do something. I train 6 days a week in the CrossFit® box. I also understand that not everyone likes that, but I don't understand it if you don't do anything at all. Start with a sport and from there start looking for what you really like. Of course I do recommend CrossFit® for everyone, or at least something that involves some weights. Getting stronger is a lot of fun!!

Also, don't be afraid of things you can't do 'because you're already ... years old'. When you say that out loud, you're old. You need a challenge to push your limits. If you don't do this, you will slowly deteriorate. It sounds harsh but it is true.

So sign up somewhere, sign up for a trial lesson, or pick up your sport from the past. The best time to start is now!”

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As you have read, there is really no reason not to start exercising. If the step to go to the gym or the CrossFit® box is still too big, starting at home is of course also an option. In our range you will find all kinds of products to train at home, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and challenge bags. Do you have questions about our products? Feel free to contact us!