Suppose you are doing Crossfit. You notice that you make progress, that you become more and more addicted to the sport and Crossfit becomes an increasingly larger part of your life. Then you decide that you want to go a step want to train at competition level. But how do you make that step? What is important? Crossmaxx athlete Manon shares her experiences:


"When I started Crossfit in January 2015, I did not intend to train at competition level. As I fell in love with the sport more and more, I wanted more than just to feel fitter. It's important to set goals and challenge yourself, but do not make it an impossible goal.

Lowlands Throwdown

In October 2016 I started training more seriously in the competition group of Crossfit Zwijndrecht. Together with my coach Lonny Drees, I set the goal to reach the final of the Lowlands Throwdown 2017. At that time to level seemed too high for me, but I decided to go for it.

Trust in your coach

It is important to choose a training program that suits you. For example, there are many online coaching programs available, but for me it works super nice that my coach is almost always there when I train, so he can see where my points for improvement are. Lonny makes my own programming, which means he can make adjustments immediately if we notice that I need something different.

In addition, I find it very nice to have a good relationship with my coach. I have faith in him and even though I almost fall off my chair when he sends me my programming, I know that that's what I have to do to get better. So choose something that makes you feel good and what suits you. After all, you will spend a lot of time on it.

Time for family and friends

Your environment is also an important factor if you decide to train at the level of competition. If you are away from home for about 5 days a week to train, it is important that you have discussed this with your environment beforehand. You have less time to meet with family and friends.

Fortunately Jeroen, my husband, trains often too and we see each other in the box. Sometimes we are both so busy with work and sports that we barely see each other at home. We often keep one day off on the weekend to spend time together.

Nutrition on point

The right nutrition is also necessary if you want to train at a higher level. Jeroen and I eat according to the Zone diet. In the beginning it is a lot of puzzling, but now it works super nice. Now I have the luck that he often cooks a full counter full of containers with well-composed meals in one go, which then go into the extra freezer that we have specifically purchased for this .. And it sounds cliché, but if your nutrition is on point, you really notice it in your training!


Perhaps most importantly: your mindset. Training on competitive level is very different from following regular wods. You often do things that you do not like to do and you are far from done with your training when the rest is already drinking their shake or chatting with each other. And even just chilling at home on the couch doesn't happen often anymore.  

You are probably also going to have to deal with setbacks. You're not comfortable in your workouts, you don't make it through a qualification, you do not get a PR that you used to get easy or you drop like a barbell on your foot during the final of the Lowlands Throwdown and you're out of the running for a while. Try to think that it is part of it and that if you continue, you will come out stronger again!

Go for it!

In short, set a goal for yourself, gather the right people and resources around you, provide the right food and mindset and go for it! Because it's hard work, but it's fantastic to make more and more progress, to amaze yourself and above all to achieve your goal, even if you could have never imagined it before!"

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