We can't deny that so far 2020 is a strange year, filled with a lot of obstacles and challenges. Hosting an event seems almost impossible during these times, yet Lifemaxx ambassador Claudia and her team managed to make it safely happen! In this blog, Claudia shares the journey towards this Corona proof event!

"In March 2020 all of our normal lives changed to lives filled with 'is not allowed & cannot & beware.'
Everything that was normal before was now limited or even impossible by rules and even more rules.

When planning an event, you are actually working on it from the moment the previous one ends.
Which means a whole year of getting together, coming up with wods, visiting locations, keeping in touch with your volunteers, vendors and sponsors and/or looking for new ones. Discussing whether there are areas for improvement, so the next edition can be even better. 

Changing rules
In March everything started to falter and we, like the rest of the Netherlands, did not know where we stood and whether a Mastersteens Throwdown or Meet me at the bar would still be possible.

We were lucky that our Mastersteens Throwdown had already taken place in January 2020 with great success just before Covid hit. As the year progressed, we put that preparation for 2021 on the background.
Because as said, all 'rules' change every week and sometimes every day. We had planned a Meet me at the bar on May 17, we had to move it to August 1 and keep our fingers crossed that it could take place!


Love edition
As thing got less 'strict' in the Netherlands towards July, we felt that our party for Crossfitters might take place after all and we really focused on that. We were even allowed to go on a “business trip” to Berlin with the three of us where we could discuss our events extensively and new ideas arose.
All this while enjoying a snack and a drink, which of course contributes to even better plans and team building ;)

The idea of ​​Meet me at the bar Love edition originated in Berlin and if 2020 allows us more will follow in the form of Family edition, Kids edition etcetera. Long story short: we have now run 2 Corona proof 'Meet me's' with great success!

Preparations required a little more thought and caution than with a 'normal' event. People are allowed to exercise together, but not to have a drink together afterwards. Yes you can, but with 1,5 meters distance.
So we put up picnic tables with a big cross in the middle so that the distance is guaranteed. We created a QR code for all athletes, so that we knew who is there and if they had any symptoms. We placed disinfection sprays and hand gel literally everywhere. There was a lot of cleaning going on and of course no high fives, but elbows or air fives. All this certainly did not spoil the fun, because it was a party again!

Big thanks of course to our loyal sponsor and friends of Lifemaxx: Diederick & Denise
No party without them!

Meanwhile, the rules have been tightened up again and we wait quietly to see if we can organize another event. In any case, they will not take these previous events away from us! Our enthusiasm is great and we are ready for more!

Living the (Cross)Maxx life!"

Claudia/Lifemaxx Ambassador
Sanja & Marjolein