To perform the best way possible, you take good care of yourself. But your equipments needs good care too. You (and we!) want (you) to enjoy your equipment as long as possible. We did our absolute best during the production, and now it's your turn to treat your equipment with love and respect. 

To help you out, we made this guideline that tells you how to treat and how to clean your barbell so you live happily ever after ;)


  1. Only drop your barbell on weightlifting platform or an equivalent platform, or floor that is covered in a rubber mat. Never drop your bar on a hard surface, such as concrete, asphalt or the like.    
  2. Never drop an empty barbell (without plates) on the floor.
  3. Never leave your barbell after use loaded with weights, on a rack or similar device. This could eventually cause the bar to bend .
  4. Storage your barbell horizontally. When you leave your barbell vertical after use, this can cause the oil in the sleeves to pile up on one side. Use for example a Crossmaxx wall mounted bar rack to carefully store your barbells. 


  1. Brush down your bar with a nylon brush after every use to get rid of the chalk on the barbell. This is important, because the chalk attracts moisture which can cause your bar to rust a little. Start with a soft nylon brush. If this doesn't rub away the chalk you can use a harder brush. We prefer you don't use a wire brush, because often use of a wire brush can cause damage to the coating. 
  2. Work some WD 40 or 3 in 1 oil over the bar and leave it for a few minutes. Wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth.
  3. Doesn't your barbell spin as smoothly anymore as before? Spray a little WD 40 in the sleeve and spin the barbell a couple of times. 

For your inspiration: This is how your barbell is supposed to spin.