Louise Vennekilde is a Danish Crossmaxx-Fitnessengros athlete. In this interview she talks about the Olympics, her goals, motivation and how the lockdown has affected her training.


How do you feel about the Olympics 2020 being postponed when you were getting so close to the date of the event?

"I think that every athlete who had put their mind on the Olympics had their lives planned around the Olympics 2020. The same goes for me. So, the fact that it has been postponed changes everything. I had made plans for both my work life and private life after this summer. It has caused some frustrations, but I will still fight for the opportunity to go to the Olympics as long as I have a chance!"


How does the situation affect you mentally, and how is your motivation these days?

"My motivation hit rock bottom when the gyms closed. Training wise I was in a place where I was about to peak for the European Championships in Russia. I have worked very hard towards that meet since September last year.

It really affected my motivation negatively when suddenly I didn’t have any specific goals and the fact that I didn’t have any idea of when I could compete again. All of a sudden, all my everyday routines had disappeared, and I had to make entirely new ones. However, now that I have found new routines, I start to feel more motivated again. It also makes it more fun to train when my home gym has started to look really nice."


Is it still your goal to qualify for the Olympics?

"It is definitely still my goal to qualify for the Olympics. I am way too close to give up now."


Has your training changed since it was confirmed that the Olympics will be postponed?

"My training program has changed because now I have time to build even more strength. My next meet probably won’t be until the end of the year. I have a lot of technique training programmed and some cardio is added, because I need some diversity to keep me motivated at this point."


How are your training facilities while the gyms are closed?

"I am so fortunate that my in laws have a barn which I can use for my training. Gradually I have been able to add a lot of really nice equipment to my home gym from Fitness Engros and Crossmaxx. It helps tremendously to have my own equipment, which allows me to continue my training. I am very grateful for that."


What are your priorities during the Corona lock down?

"I prioritize to change up my training a bit. That means I have added a bit of cardio along with some other strength exercises that I normally do. At this point I need to do some other things than only weightlifting. Moreover, I spend this period to take care of some of the - not injuries - but strains I have had to deal with in the past couple of months."

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