How do you combine 15 hour work days with a busy family life and training, without getting exhausted? Lifemaxx ambassador Jim shares his 'key to success' in this blog.

"The feeling you have after a workout, what is that feeling for me? It is a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of success, a feeling as if I have achieved something. Just imagine that you can put this feeling in other contexts. For example in the work field. How do you get a feeling of satisfaction, every day when you go home from work?

Because I like it...

Unfortunately, I can not directly answer the question of how YOU can feel satisfied every day, but I can tell you how I experience that feeling and how I created that feeling. Actually it is very simple, 80% of the time I do something I like. 80% ???? Yes absolutely, I have ensured that I still feel satisfied after a working day of 15 hours. Yes, you read that correctly, sometimes I make workdays of 15 hours or more, I work 7 days a week and I have a family with two children. How do I combine this without getting a "burn-out"? BECAUSE I LIKE DOING IT!!

Learning elements

Every day I get a positive feeling, even though there are not so good moments too. I make sure that I put those moments into perspective and that I keep looking ahead. You don't think that I am a 'positivity guru' now right? Absolutely not. What I do is talk to people who are close to me, like my wife and my parents. I discuss situations that I have encountered and I ask them if we can talk about it. This brings me to new insights where I get my learning elements from. Gradually I come to the method and way of thinking that suits me best.

Letting go..

In recent years I have gathered people around me that I get energy from, that I can play around with (business-wise) and that I can laugh with. I have moved away from people who would rather see me fall than rise, because believe me, if you put energy into that, you have little energy left for yourself, your family (loved one) and your company.

Do not let yourself be negatively influenced

"The grass is always greener on ..." yes where exactly? You see so many positive things on social media. Of course I sometimes think to myself, how do they do that? What do they have that I don't? How can someone be so successful? And that only with an instagram page? I see sports studios being opened and fully booked within a month. How? What do they do and what is it that i am not doing?

I want to say that of course you can look at others, but do not let it affect you negatively. Look at the positive side, be happy for that the other person and get your learning elements out of it. I think it's great fun when someone opens a gym, and that gym is completely packed after a month. I know the awesome feeling when you as an owner walk through your full gym with enthusiastic people working on their goals under the guidance of your own trainer! That's fantastic!"

- Jim Davids (The Fitness Studio, The Fysio Studio, XS Natural)