An essential part of every gym and yet it is something that many people do not pay proper attention to. Perhaps because it is less "sexy" than choosing new dumbbells and kettlebells, but that certainly doesn't make it less important. We are talking about the floor, the basis for every gym and box. In our assortment you will find various floors, but which one is most suitable for you?


Before we discuss our floors, we first explain which parts are important when choosing a floor for your gym / box.

The ten points below are of great importance when choosing the right floor.

  1. Step one in choosing the right floor is the realization that every gym has unique needs. The right floor has a direct impact on the quality of the training. A solid floor must protect the ground under your feet and must also be durable. The floor gets a lot of beating during an average workout.
  2. A good floor protects your materials. For example, when you repeatedly drop weights on the floor, it makes sense that a good floor causes much less damage than, for example, a concrete surface. The better the floor, the longer all your materials will last. A good floor is therefore certainly worth the investment.
  3. The floor must offer a level of safety. A good grip is essential during many training sessions. Especially when working with heavy weights, good traction is indispensable.
  4. The floor must not have uneven connections / seams. This is of course dangerous due to the risk of tripping. The floor must offer a perfectly smooth surface.
  5. The degree of impact that a floor can absorb is essential. The last thing you want is for the barbell to bounce up again when you drop it accidentally or intentionally. The floor must be able to absorb the shock and keep the weight in place.
  6. Points 3 to 5 contribute to the prevention of injuries. Preventing injuries is an important part of a good floor. A floor that gives a little bit makes a big difference to your back, knees and ankles.
  7. A good floor makes it much more pleasant to perform movements on the floor. After all, many movements are done on the floor, such as push ups, burpees and stretching before and after training. Of course you prefer not to do this on cold cement or other bad options.
  8. "Solid" equipment such as your squat racks, power racks, press benches and other heavy materials will all be placed on your floor. A good floor ensures that these materials do not move. There is nothing more annoying than having to put your heavy materials back in their original place because they constantly shift.
  9. The floor is one of the largest surfaces of your box / gym and forms a large part of the "look and feel". Functional is important, but the eye also wants something. The nicer / tighter your gym / box is, the better people want to use it. Sounds superficial, but it is true.
  10. Floors such as concrete, carpet and hardwood are of course not suitable. Not only are these floors difficult to clean, they offer too little grip, are not durable and do not optimally protect your materials and your athletes.

With the above points in mind, we are now discussing the floors that we offer and for whom they are suitable. For all floors, a good base under the floor is at least as important as the floor itself. The best choice here is a sleek, even cement floor.


Crossmaxx Premium Floor

LMX1360, LMX1361, LMX1362 & LMX1363

The Crossmaxx Premium Floor is the highest quality floor in our range. The tiles are no less than 20 mm thick and have an EDPM top layer. This combination ensures that the tiles have a sound absorbing effect and are suitable for intensive commercial use.

The Crossmaxx Premium Floor protects materials against wear and offers optimum grip and comfort to athletes. The tiles are available in black with 15% white or branded with our logo. This way you can easily create different "stations" with your floor.

This floor is easy to clean. Because of the EDPM top layer, no dirt can get stuck between them. In combination with the studs (LMX1362 and LMX1363), the floor can be seamlessly connected to each other and forms a beautiful, sleek whole.

The Crossmaxx Premium Floor is perfect for:

  • CrossFit boxes
  • Personal training studios
  • Functional training rooms

The tiles (100x100x2cm) are available from 43.50 euros.


Crossmaxx 20mm jigsaw

LMX1345 & LMX1346 & LMX1347

Our Crossmaxx jigsaw tiles are also 20 mm thick and have a sound-absorbing effect. This floor is easy to lay because of the puzzle pattern.

The Crossmaxx jigsaw floor is perfect for:

  • CrossFit boxes
  • Personal Training studios
  • Functional training rooms
  • Free weight zones

The tiles (50x50x2cm) are available from 9.95 euros.

LMX ECO Puzzle floor

LMX1365 & LMX1366 & LMX1367

Our LMX ECO Puzzle floor is our most economical floor. The tiles are 10 mm thick and have a slight sound-absorbing effect. The floor is easy to lay because of the puzzle pattern.

This is the ideal floor to give your space a tough and functional appearance in an economical way.

The LMX ECO puzzle floor is perfect for:

  • Personal Training studios
  • Functional training rooms
  • Home gyms

Please note: this floor is not suitable for CrossFit boxes and other intensive commercial use.

The tiles (50x50x1cm) are available for 6.50 euros.


Lifemaxx Rubber tile 1m


The LMX Rubber tile is also 20 mm thick and has a sound-absorbing effect. The rubber tile is suitable for intensive commercial use. We recommend that this floor be laid in a "brick motif" which gives it a playful yet sturdy look.

The LMX Rubber tile is perfect for:

  • Personal Training studios
  • Functional training rooms
  • CrossFit boxes

The tiles (100x100x2cm) are available for 32.50 euros.

Rubber tile fine granulate 100x100x2cm


The LMX1341 Rubber tile fine granulate 100x100x2cm is perfect for CrossFit boxes, PT studios and Functional Training rooms!
The tiles are 20 mm thick and have soundproofing properties. Compared to the LMX1340 Rubber Tile 1m2 (100x100x2cm), the LMX1341 Rubber tile fine granulate 100x100x2cm has a finer finish. This means that it is made of finer rubber granulate, which also makes it easier to keep clean.
Suitable for intensive commercial use.


  • dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 20mm
  • colour: black
  • 900 KG / M3


LMX. Sprinttracks

LMX1370, LMX1371 & LMX1372

The LMX. Sprinttracks are the perfect addition to CrossFit Boxes, Personal Training studios and Functional Training rooms! 
The high quality artificial grass sprinttracks all have a start indicator, finish indicator and meter indicator. This makes it perfect for sled push / pull workouts!
Due to a high fiber density, wear-resistant interwoven numbering and markings and high quality material use, the LMX. sprinttracks are suitable for intensive commercial use.

The LMX1370, LMX1371 & LMX1372 LMX. Sprinttracks are available in the following three dimensions:
- LMX1370 LMX. Sprinttrack 1,5 x 11 m
- LMX1371 LMX. Sprinttrack 2 x 11 m
- LMX1372 LMX. Sprinttrack 2 x 15 m

- ideal pole height of 15 mm
- available in three different sizes of seamless webs
- suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- colour: green with durable interwoven white numbering, marking and LMX. logo
- backing: 5mm thick PU foam (sound-damping)
- very high density of 50400 stitches / sqm
- 100% eco friendly, high quality, fire resistant and UV resistant materia
- EN 13501-1:2007 classification

From economic to premium, we offer the right floor for your gym / box. Do you have questions about our floors, or about our other products?

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!