"My favorite meals before, during and after a competition are:
Before the competition I prefer to eat:
- Coffee! 
- Three sliced of spelt bread with Ekoplaza peanutbutter; 
- Turkish or Greek yoghurt with muesli, raisins and agave syrup;
- A banana (without any dark spots on it...).

During the competition, in betwees wods:
 Yoghurt or quark with muesli, raisins and agave syrup; 
Seedless grapes;
- Mixed nuts and raisins;
- Proteine shakes; 
- 1 or 2 meals of RX Meals.

After a competition:
A meal with chicken and a lot of veggies;
When it's the last day of a Throwdown my favorite meal is a big burger with at least 250 gram beef, without sauce and without pickles; 
- A piece of homemade chocolate, prepared with pure cacao, coconut butter and nuts;
- A nice glass of wine.  

Besides that, I am (figurly speaking) a metal mouth and of course I prefer Crossmaxx ;)"

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