LMX83 Crossmax® fractional plate 50 mm (0,5 -2,5 kg)

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The LMX83 Crossmaxx® Fractional plates allow you to increase the weight of the bar by small increments.
These LMX83 Crossmaxx® Fractional plates are made of solid rubber so they will not damage plates or bars. They also make less noise than iron fractional plates when the bar is dropped.
The LMX83 Crossmaxx® Fractional plates are available in five different weights:
0.5 kg
1 kg
1.5 kg
2 kg
2.5 kg

Here are a few features of the LMX83 Crossmaxx® Fractional plates:
- Made entirely of high quality rubber
- Suitable for Olympic bars (50 mm)
- Recognisable by increase in size
- The prices stated are per item

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