Crossmaxx Outdoor setups

Bring your gym, box or home gym outside!

All Crossmaxx Outdoor® components and setups are specially designed to offer varied outdoor workouts or to create a home gym in a safe, fun and efficient way. From home gym to personal training and from boot camp to HIIT training such as CrossFit®; the Crossmaxx Outdoor® rigs are available in a wide variety of models, making the possibilities endless.

Your ideal Outdoor solution

Due to the modular design of the Crossmaxx® Outdoor rigs and the many options in components,   almost anything is possible. We also offer standard setups that can be adapted with individual components, to create your ideal outdoor rig!

All parts of the Crossmaxx® Outdoor Rigs are durable and strongly galvanized, which means that in addition to a though appearance, they also very durable. All Crossmaxx® Outdoor parts are produced in Europe.

Outdoor Container?

Would you also like a container to store all your equipment neatly and safely? Then you can purchase it yourself or, on request, we can arrange for you to have a great Crossmaxx® container with the desired setup.

If you want more information or advice, feel free to contact us. 

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