LMX1243 Crossmaxx® RBBR wallball (3 - 9kg)

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LMX1243.03 Crossmaxx® RBBR wallball 3kg
€49,58 Excl. BTW
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LMX1243.06 Crossmaxx® RBBR wallball 6kg
€60,32 Excl. BTW
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LMX1243.09 Crossmaxx® RBBR wallball 9kg
€70,24 Excl. BTW
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The LMX1243 Crossmaxx® RBBR wallball (3 - 9kg) are perfect for CrossFit boxes, Functional Fitness, Small Group Training and Personal Training!
The Crossmaxx® RBBR wallballs have high impact absorption, perfect grip and the weight will alway stay centered. 
This means the LMX1243 Crossmaxx® RBBR wallball (3 - 9kg) are of high quality and suitable for intensive commercial use (provided the exercises are done properly!)

The LMX1249 Crossmaxx® RBBR wallball is available in the following KG: 
- LMX1243.03 - RBBR Wall ball 3kg - diameter ⌀350 mm 
- LMX1243.06 - RBBR Wall ball 6kg - diameter ⌀350 mm 
- LMX1243.09 - RBBR Wall ball 9kg - diameter ⌀350 mm 
- LMX1243.12 - RBBR Wall ball 12kg - diameter ⌀350 mm (see our sale)
- LMX1243.15 - RBBR Wall ball 15kg - diameter ⌀350 mm (see our sale)

- colour: black, with weight indicated coloured stripes
- high quality materials
- centered weight
- high impact absorption


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