LMX80 Chromed dumbbellset (1 - 10kg)

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Vanaf €12,55 Excl. BTW
€15,19 Incl. BTW
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LMX80.01 Chromed dumbellset - 1kg
€12,55 Excl. BTW
LMX80.02 Chromed dumbellset - 2kg
€23,46 Excl. BTW
LMX80.03 Chromed dumbellset - 3kg
€34,37 Excl. BTW
LMX80.04 Chromed dumbellset - 4kg
€45,28 Excl. BTW
LMX80.05 Chromed dumbellset - 5kg
€56,19 Excl. BTW
LMX80.06 Chromed dumbellset - 6kg
€66,93 Excl. BTW
LMX80.07 Chromed dumbellset - 7kg
€77,68 Excl. BTW
LMX80.08 Chromed dumbellset - 8kg
€88,42 Excl. BTW
LMX80.09 Chromed dumbellset - 9kg
€99,17 Excl. BTW
LMX80.10 Chromed dumbellset - 10kg
€109,91 Excl. BTW
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The LMX80 Chrome-plated dumbbellsets (1-10kg) are sleek, polished chrome-plated dumbbellsets.
The LMX80 Chromed-plated dumbbellsets (1-10kg) are made of solid cast iron. This makes the dumbbells sleek and compact.

Here are a few features of the LMX80 Chrome-plated dumbbellset (1-10kg):
- polished chrome-plated dumbbells
- ergonomically shaped hand grips with fine knurling.
- features engraved KG indication
- grip length: 130 mm
- available in 1 to 10 kg (increments of 1 kg)
- the prices stated are per set (two pieces)

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