LMX81 Hexagon dumbbellset (2,5 - 40kg)

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Vanaf €18,17 Excl. BTW
€21,99 Incl. BTW
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LMX81.025 Hexagon dumbbellset - 2,5kg
€18,17 Excl. BTW
LMX81.050 Hexagon dumbbellset - 5kg
€35,53 Excl. BTW
LMX81.075 Hexagon dumbbellset - 7,5kg
€52,88 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX81.100 Hexagon dumbbellset - 10kg
€70,24 Excl. BTW
LMX81.125 Hexagon dumbbellset - 12,5kg
€87,60 Excl. BTW
LMX81.150 Hexagon dumbbellset - 15kg
€104,95 Excl. BTW
LMX81.175 Hexagon dumbbellset - 17,5kg
€122,31 Excl. BTW
LMX81.200 Hexagon dumbbellset - 20kg
€139,66 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX81.225 Hexagon dumbbellset - 22,5kg
€157,02 Excl. BTW
LMX81.250 Hexagon dumbbellset - 25kg
€174,37 Excl. BTW
LMX81.275 Hexagon dumbellset - 27,5kg
€191,73 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX81.300 Hexagon dumbbellset - 30kg
€209,08 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX81.325 Hexagon dumbbellset - 32,5kg
€226,44 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX81.350 Hexagon dumbbellset - 35kg
€243,79 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX81.375 Hexagon dumbbellset - 37,5kg
€261,15 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX81.400 Hexagon dumbbellset - 40kg
€278,50 Excl. BTW
sold out
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The LMX81 Hexagon Dumbbellset (2,5 - 40kg) are professional dumbbells suitable for commercial use.
The LMX81 Hexagon Dumbbellset (2,5 - 40kg) are made of steel. This makes the dumbbells sleek and compact.
The LMX81 Hexagon Dumbbellset (2,5 - 40kg) are made of steel with a 1 cm rubber coating.
For multifunctional use thanks to hexagonal design. Can be used to do push-ups as they will not roll away.

Here are a few features of the LMX81 Hexagon Dumbbellset (2,5 - 40kg):
- the dumbbells are coated in durable rubber
- ergonomically shaped hand grips with fine knurling.
- grip length: 140 mm
- available in 2,5 kg to 40 kg (increments of 2,5 kg)
- the prices stated are per set (two pieces)

christopher 23-09-2020 22:25

Perfect voor mij!

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