THERA1255 Theragun Attachments - Dampener

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The THERA1255 Theragun Attachments - Dampener is specifically designed for general use and low impact treatment around tender or bony areas. Its wide base maximizes surface area for greater, more efficient contact with the body.
- Made of comfortable closed-cell PU foam.
- Easy to clean for a hygienic experience.
- Won’t absorb sweat, lotions, or oils
- Compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3

Impact level 3/10 - Low Impact Level
The THERA1255 Theragun Attachments - Dampener combines a large surface area and low impact level to allow for broad use across a wide variety of muscle types and areas of the body. A less dense closed-cell foam interior allows for comfortable treatment of bony or tender areas.

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