LMX2104 Vicore® Hyper-X

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Soft Surface Training represents a phenomenal advancement in improving core strength, ergonomics, balance and coordination.
What makes is so revolutionary is: it is no longer necessary to learn new techniques and it does not cost any extra time.
It can be used as a standard workout in a new environment; an environment that forces your body to multitask so that the
benefits at the end of a set are exponentially better.

LMX2104 VICORE® PRO HYPER-X (127x81x89 cm - 29 kg)
1 Stainless steel 75 mm tubing
2 “Body link" surface tested to 2041 KG (4500 LBS)
3 Fully adjustable to fit all athletes
4 Specially designed rubber foot pads for - safe for all floors
5 The “Body link" surface has been treated with an antimicrobial
agent and protected with UV inhibitors
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