Tubes and bands, which one should I pick?

Tubes and bands, which one should I pick?

In our webshop you will find several types of bands and tubes. This can make it difficult to determine which one has what purpose. In this blog we explain all about our bands and tubes and the best ways to use them, so you can get everything out of your own training and that of your members!

Flex band

The LMX1115 Flex band is ideal for various group lessons! The flex band is delivered on a roll of 12m and can be cut to size according to your own wishes. This makes the flex band extremely suitable for various exercises. The Flex band is available in three levels:

light (yellow)
medium (purple)
heavy (blue)

The heaviness of the exercises is very easy to adjust by making the band shorter or longer. In addition, the sessions can be made lighter and heavier by adjusting the number of repetitions. Try to make series of 10 repetitions, or 15-20 repetitions to make the sets heavier.

With the flex band you can make a varied program with alternating arm muscles, leg muscles, shoulder muscles and abdominal muscles.

Mini band

The LMX1116 Mini band is ideal for numerous exercises or variations in training! The mini band is a small but effective training aid that fits in every bag and is therefore particularly suitable to take with you on a trip. But the mini bands are also ideal for the gym, studio, at home or while exercising outdoors.

A mini band can be used in training coordination, to stabilize certain joints or to improve the mobility of the body. But the mini band is also useful for strength training, pelvic floor training and endurance exercises. The exercises with the miniband are often simple, because the band is mainly used to intensify classical exercises (such as glute bridges or squats).

The mini band is available is four levels:

- level 1 - very light (yellow)
- level 2 - light (green)
- level 3 - medium (orange)
- level 4 - heavy (blue)

For the addition of resistance to lifts, mini bands are not suitable. For that purpose, we advice you to check out the LMX1181 mini resistance bands.

Resistance bands

The LMX1180 Crossmaxx resistance bands are also ideal for numerous exercises. Resistance bands are high-quality elastic fitness bands that allow you to train your whole body anytime and anywhere. By using resistance bands you can, among other things, increase your strength, improve your flexibility, improve your muscle definition, lose weight, or recover from an injury.

These bands have a fixed length of 104cm and are available in 6 different resistances.

The biggest difference between Resistance bands and mini resistence bands is the length and the resistance. Where resistance bands are particularly suitable for stretching / warming / body weight exercises, mini resistance bands are suitable for creating extra resistance during weightlifting.

LMX1180 Crossmaxx® resistance bands are available in the following levels:

level 1 (red) - B13.4mm
level 1.5 (black) - B22.2mm
level 2 (green) - B28.6mm
level 3 (orange) - B44.5mm
level 4 (blue) - B63.5mm
level 5 (purple) - B82,6mm

Mini resistance bands

The LMX1181 Crossmaxx® Mini resistance band set (8pcs) is a short version of the LMX1180 Crossmaxx® resistance band. With the Crossmaxx® mini resistance band set, it is no longer necessary to shorten the resistance bands, or to tie them to the correct tension on the tire pegs during lifting. Mini resistance bands, on the other hand, are not suitable for assisting with exercises such as pull ups and ring dips due to their length.

In addition to being able to use them with the LMX1744 Crossmaxx® Lifting platform, you can also use them for extra resistance on the deadlifts by connecting the bar under the foot.

The mini resistance bands, besides being ideal for lifts with resistance, are also perfect for countless other exercises! Think for example: exercises for that perfect round booty, bench presses, hip thrust exercises, stretching, agility and much more.

Mobility band

Suffering from sore muscles? Then the LMX1806 Crossmaxx Mobility Band is your ideal tool!

The underlying idea of ​​the mobility band is that the combination of compression and interval movements stabilizes joints and improves the range of motion. This means that you can recover more quickly from sore muscles and can train again sooner than usual.

The advantages of the mobility band:

  • Improve the mobility of joints
  • Moving and removing fluid after trauma
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Faster recovery 
  • Reduction of pain
  • Drainage of lymph fluid
  • Improve blood flow in the connective tissue

The latex property of the band ensures that a lot of compression is built up and that the band stays in place during the exercises.

The tissue is tied off with the mobility band. As a result, all blood flows in that area are interrupted and pressure is exerted on the area to be treated. While the mobility band is on your arm / leg, you move the joint to release the adhesion and connections that restrict movement to the deepest layers of the skin. The exercises change the elasticity of the tissue, the muscular tension of the musculature and the connective tissue.

After releasing the mobility band, the treatment area is immediately filled with fresh blood and lymph. The fresh blood and lymph that enter the area contains many necessary nutrients that stimulate tissue regeneration.

The mobility band is not suitable for use during training. This band is only suitable for helping to recover painful muscles / joints.

Training tube

The LMX1170 training tubes are perfect for group lessons but also for PT, Small Group training, physiotherapy and rehabilitation! The training tube makes it possible to train with your own weight, in very different locations. The training tube offers sufficient opportunity for a full body workout!

Training tubes make it possible to train with a continuous tension on your muscles. You also activate more muscles than, for example, with a machine, because the training tube makes the training more unstable. In addition to the large muscle groups, you also train your smaller muscle groups. All known exercises are possible with the training tubes, such as the reverse fly, side raise, resisted pull ups, stiff legged deadlift, overhead tricep extensions etcetera.

Benefits of the training tubes:

  • They are light and small, so you can always take them with you and store them easily.
  • You activate more muscles than with a controlled exercise on a device
  • With the training tubes you can add extra variation to your training
  • Because of the different levels they are suitable for all levels!
  • They can be extended up to 150%.

The LMX1170 Training tubes are available in the following levels:
Training tube (level 1 - yellow)
Training tube (level 2 - green)
Training tube (level 3 - orange)
Training tube (level 4 - blue)
Training tube (level 5 - purple)

The training tubes are specifically made for performing body weight exercises.

Power tube

The LMX1171 Power tubes are perfect for group lessons but also for PT, Small Group training, physiotherapy and rehabilitation!
The Power Tube has been specially developed for today's more intensive workouts such as ClubCore® and CXworkx®.

This power tube has a full canvas protection around the latex tube and the handles are fastened with carabine hooks. The power tube has the same advantages as the training tube, with the added advantage that they are also suitable for more intensive workouts. The power tube is after all even stronger than the training tube!

The LMX1171 Power tubes are available in the following levels:
Power tube (level 1 - yellow)
Power tube (level 2 - green)
Power tube (level 3 - orange)
Power tube (level 4 - blue)

Power tubes are specifically made for performing countless body weight exercises.


Do you want to know more about all our different bands and tubes, or do you have questions about our other products? Please contact us, we are happy to advise you!


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