Jerk blocks, Drop pads & lifting platform


Jerk blocks, Drop pads & lifting platform

Jerk blocks make it possible to perform jerks, among other things, without having to clean the barbell or put it back in the rack. When you are lifting around 85% of your 1 RM, you don't want to think about anything but the lift. With jerk blocks you don't have to worry about re-racking the weight, but also not about rebuilding the barbell after a missed lift. You can safely drop the bar on the jerk blocks, because the material is meant for that.

Support during various lifts

In addition, jerk blocks help you with making pull movements and lifts such as a hang snatch. Through the different heights you can start from various positions, without having to hold the bar in a certain position yourself. Jerk blocks are therefore ideal for strength training, improving the technique of various lifts and offering safety when you work towards your 1RM.

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