Torque Tank M1 Push Sled, effective sled-training

The Torque Tank M1 Push Sled is ideal for gyms, boxes, home gyms, garage gyms and personal trainers. The Tank M1 measures 115cm x 81cm x 95cm and can be easily stored in combination with the wall bracket. The Torque Tank Tank M1 facilitates sled training with thoughtful features. 

This is how the Torque Tank M1 Push Sled works

  • Variable resistance training. With three levels of resistance, the Tank M1 accommodates different intensity preferences. The adjustable, frictionless magnetic brake system increases resistance with speed, so the faster you push, the harder it gets.
  • No weight plates required.  Thanks to the magnetic braking system, the Tank M1 doesn’t need additional weight to boost difficulty. However, adding a disc or two can help increase traction on some terrain.
  • With easily removable handles and a compact design, the Torque Tank M1 Push sled is perfect for sled training.
  • Bi-directional movement. The low tow bar design enables users to push and pull in both directions, and the three-wheel platform makes it simple to turn the unit around.
  • Additional training options/convenient storage. The optional Tank M1 Wall Bracket functions as an anchor point for battle rope and resistance band training, as well as stores the Tank M1 off the floor to maximize training space.
  • Silent. Unlike traditional friction sleds, the Tank M1 uses wheels, so the only sound you hear is your own breathing.

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