Bars for strength training

Bars are an essential part of fitness, strength training, CrossFit®, pump and weight lifting. The choice of the various fitness bars depends on the type of training. For example, jerks, squats and overhead exercises require a different barbell than you use in a pump class or during Olympic weight lifting. Based on different types of training, we advise to include several bars in your range. Based on different training sessions, we advise to include several barbells in your range. To go for a complete training experience with the right fitness bar, you use free weights/ bumper plates for your bars.

Benefits of training with a barbell

With a barbell you train all your large muscle groups, you need little space and you have a clean muscle structure. And you can perform countless exercises with a barbell. Train your arms, back, chest and core, legs and buttocks.

Bars accessories

A fitness bench is a useful tool for training chest, bicep, tricep and back. We also recommend using a suitable fitness floor, soundproof and provide protection. If you want to keep your floor clean and safe, choose a storage system for your dumbbells. We offer different types of barbells with various storage racks. 

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