Bars for strength training

Bars are an essential part of fitness, strength training, CrossFit®, pump and weightlifting. The choice of the various fitness bars depends on the type of training. For example, jerks, squats and overhead exercises require a different barbell than you use in a pump class. Based on different types of training, we advise to include several bars in your range. For a complete training experience with the right fitness bar, we advice you to use free weights/ bumper plates for your bars.

Benefits of training with a barbell

With a barbell you can train all your large muscle groups and you need little space. You can perform countless exercises with a barbell. Train your arms, back, chest and core, legs and glutes.

Bars accessories

A fitness bench is a useful tool for training chest, bicep, tricep and back. We also recommend using a suitable fitness floor, that is soundproof and provides protection. If you want to keep your floor clean and safe, choose a storage system for your barbells. We offer different types of barbells with various storage racks. 

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