Olympic bars 50mm

Bars for performance training 

A complete overview of the 50mm Olympic bars. These barbells are indispensable in performance training, functional training, powerlifting and during Crossfit®. You can choose from different bars such as a hex bar, Crossmaxx® open stair bar, Olympic bars, powerlifting bar, Farmer's walking set and much more.

Choose your barbells

Depending on your needs, goals and training, you may choose a short or long barbell. A shorter barbell is less heavy than the longer one. If you buy multiple barbells, you offer a bar for everyone for every training. Beginner, advanced and the real pros, they are able to train with the right barbell.

Keep your floor safe and tidy and store your bars after your workout. Choose one of the various storage options, we offer storage for all bars.

Do you want to train with discs on your bar? Lifemaxx offers the perfect mix of plates for any training. 

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