Crossmaxx rigs

The Crossmaxx® Rigs are versatile, strong rigs that can be fully customized to suit your needs. Because the Rigs (racks) can be built modularly, almost anything is possible. This flexibility ensures that the Crossmaxx® Rigs are an indispensable part for all gyms/boxes and studios.

The best rig for you

Crossmaxx® Rigs are available both free standing and wall mounted. Is it not possible to drill in your floor? Then the special plates offer the solution. In our range you will find a number of fixed rig setups, but we can also completely customize a rig for your gym/box. We are happy to think along with you about the best rig for your space!

Strong and durable rigs

All parts are durable and strong, making them suitable for very intensive use. The rigs are powder coated matt black, which gives them a nice, tough look in addition to a good grip. The Crossmaxx® Rig XL upright stands have a wall thickness of 3mm, a laser-cut numbering in the frame and a size of 75 x 75 mm.

Did you know that you can also visit us for making a design for your ideal gym / box? Our gym design team can process your wishes and ideas in a 3D drawing and advise you on how to get the best out of your space.

Would you like more information about our rigs, or advice about setting up a gym/box? Please feel free to contact us.