Crossmaxx® Outdoor, exclusive outdoor training

Bring your gym/box outside. The Crossmaxx® Outdoor setup makes it possible to expand your current gym/box outdoors or to start a new business for outdoor functional training now. We offer six different setups with a wide variety. One of the setups is attached to a container which allows you to immediate store the materials neatly and safely.

The setups comply with the EN 16630 standard for 'permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment'. This removes the holders for the Olympic bars. The EN 16630 standard is not mandatory in a non-public area.

All configurations can be delivered in their own colours. Crossmaxx® Outdoor setups are produced in Europe with an average delivery time of 8-10 weeks.

The benefits of Crossmaxx® Outdoor:

  • Perfect extension of your current gym or to set up a brand new outdoor gym.
  • Set up in your own personal colors and logo.
  • Six different high-quality set-ups with a wide variety, produced in Europe.
  • Setups comply to the EN 16630 standard.
  • Exclusive offer of outdoor training.

If you want more information or advice, feel free to contact us.