Are you looking for kettlebells? Kettlebells allow a total body workout with targeted exercises. The most famous are squats and the swing. In addition to strength training, you can also practise cardio-oriented exercises. Lifemaxx offers professional kettlebells for commercial and intensive use.

Different weights

We offer different weight kettlebells. The choice of weight depends on a number of factors. Women generally train with a lighter weight than men and the experience you have also counts. An experienced athlete can handle more pounds than a beginner. Always make sure that you can continue to perform your exercise technically flawless. Lifemaxx offers kettlebells from 4 to 48 kilos.

The Crossmaxx® kettlebells

In addition to the difference in weight, there is also a difference in the material of a Crossmaxx kettlebell. The cast iron kettlebells are the most traditional in our range. This type is generally used in gyms and CrossFit® boxes or cross gyms. The advantage of our competition kettlebells is that the size of each weight remains the same. This type is made of steel and is often used during competitions, but they are also perfect for home use. The rubber kettlebells are tough due to the rubber coating. Do you want to improve your balance and coordination? With macebells you strengthen your grip, shoulders and core.

Different workouts

A kettlebell workout is the ideal way to improve strength and endurance. For example, you train your entire body with the American or Russian kettlebell swing, goblet squats, front rack lunges and kettlebell carry. With each exercise you train a different muscle group, so always know which muscles you want to train. Other well-known kettlebell exercises for functional training that you can do include:

  • Squats (leg muscles)
  • Swing (leg muscles, buttocks, back muscles and shoulders)
  • Walking lunges (leg muscles and glutes)
  • One arm kettlebell row (back muscles and triceps)
  • Deadlift (back muscles and hamstrings)
  • Kettlebell one legged deadlift (back of thighs, back muscles and groin)

Do you want to store your kettlebells? Choose the kettlebell rack. This keeps your floor tidy and safe.

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