Competition kettlebells


Competition kettlebells

Do you want to train your entire body? A kettlebell is an excellent tool for that. Kettlebells are suitable for a wide variety of exercises, such as a swing, deadlift, snatch, thruster and even sit-up. Our range includes steel kettlebells, such as these Crossmaxx® competition kettlebells. These kettlebells have a grip of ⌀33mm, height of 280mm and the sphere has a diameter of 210mm and therefore have the official competition dimensions.

Competition dimensions

Crossmaxx® competition kettlebells are made of the highest quality and available from 4 to 48 kg. The kettlebells not only have the dimensions that meet international standards, but also the colors meet official standards.

Do you want to start training with kettlebells, or do you want to give kettlebell training to your members? Then order your kettlebells through our website or contact us for more information. As a fitness wholesaler we are happy to help you!