Bumper, Hi-Temp, Fractional & cast iron plates


Bumper plates & fractional plates

When you are active in the field of strength training or CrossFit® you often see that personal records are achieved in small steps. Steps with bumper plates of 5 kg are regularly too large and therefore these micro plates are an asset. With fractional plates everyone can put an accurate weight on the barbell. This way you can continue to develop yourself!

Crossmaxx® elite fractional plates

Our Crossmaxx® fractional plates have a high-quality rubber coating and are therefore suitable for intensive commercial use. The fractional plates are available from 0.5 to 5 kg and are provided with a clear white text. Do you want to literally lift your lifts to the next level? Then the Crossmaxx® elite fractional plates are the best choice for you! As a fitness wholesaler, we naturally supply many more types of plates. Please contact us for more information.