Sports floors, safety and comfort above all

A sports floor in your gym is safe and comfortable for the athlete as well for your floor and your fitness materials like weights. All Lifemaxx floors are made of high quality rubber and are suitable for intensive commercial use.

Which floor tiles for my gym do I choose?

The choice for the right floor tiles for your gym depends on your taste, budget, the space and the type of training is also of influence. As an example the Crossmaxx® Premium floor is especially for CrossFit® boxes, personal training studios and functional training rooms. 20 cm thick black, with 15% white which gives a playful speckle. These floor tiles have an EPDM top layer. Suitable for larger spaces. Also suitable is the black rubber tile that has a sleek look and fits into any space. The puzzle floor is suitable for smaller spaces and gives a nice, intimate look and feel. Whichever sports floor you choose, all Lifemaxx floors have a sound-absorbing effect and protect your floors and equipment.

Sprint tracks

A functional training area, CrossFit® box or gym is not complete without a sprint track. Manufacture of durable quality artificial grass. Very suitable for fitness and functional training and as a power sled track. Available in seven standard colors with clear, durable white numbering, and fourteen custom-made colours. The artificial grass sports floor gives a professional look, is sound-absorbing and easy to clean.

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