Dumbbell sets

Dumbbell sets are the foundation for every kind of strength training. A wide range of exercises is possible with dumbbells. Start slowly and build your way up to maximum weight: our dumbbells are available from 0.5 up to 60 kg! Even higher weights are possible on request.

Choose your dumbbells

Our dumbbells are high quality and therefore suitable for intensive commercial use. You have a wide choice: vinyl-,  PU-, fixed-, contoured-, chromed- and hexagon dumbbells. The last mentioned are perfect for push ups because they cannot roll. The weight you choose depends on your needs, goals and training.  


Are you looking for compatible accessories for your dumbbell sets? Think of a dumbbell rack, ideal for  storing the weights. This way your gym floor always remains tidy and safe without weights lying around. Another useful accessory is the fitness bench for chest, bicep, triceps and back exercises. And we recommend a suitable, sound-absorbing fitness floor to protect your floor and dumbbells.

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