Chromed dumbbell sets

Chromed dumbbell set can be used for a variety of strength exercises.Beside the sleek and shiny design, you have a perfect grip with these dumbbells. These dumbbells, available from 1 to 10 kilos, look good in every gym and home gym. The weight is clearly visibile on the each side of the dumbbell. 

For whom chromed dumbbells?

For beginners, advanced and pros who want to train with designed dumbbells not too heavy. To optimally perform your strength training with dumbbells, we recommend various fitness accessories. Like a fitness bench. Depending on your needs, we offer different benches. An absolute must-have for training your back, chest, arms, shoulders and abdominals. Do you want to perfectly store your chromed dumbbells after use? The dumbbell tower is the best solution.

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