Rubber dumbbell sets

Are you looking for rubber dumbbells? Lifemaxx offers various dumbbells with a durable rubber coating of high quality and handles with fine knurling for a strong grip. They are very suitable for commercial use but also for your home workout. Available in weights ranging from 1 kg to 60 kg.

The basis for a workout

The basis for good strength training starts with rubber dumbbells for various exercises. This way you can start slowly with light weights and gradually increase the intensity with heavier weights. The choice for a rubber dumbbell is very personal. Like the hexagon dumbbells, they cannot roll which make them perfect for push ups. In addition to the rubber version, we also have other dumbbells, including PU dumbbells, chrome dumbbells and vinyl dumbbells.

Benefits of rubber dumbbells

Dumbbells with rubber have a number of advantages. Thanks to the rubber coating, the risk of damage to the wall or floor is minimal. And this coating has a sound dampening effect. Rubber dumbbells are robust, durable and safe to train with. They are also practical and virtually indestructible! Use a dumbbell rack to store the weights.

Buy dumbbell sets

If you choose these weights, we will deliver your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, within 1 to 4 working days. You can also pick up your order at our warehouse in Rotterdam.

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