Parallettes, equalizers & push-up equipment


Parallettes, equalizers & push-up equipment

Parallettes, equalizers & push-up equipmentment immediately make exercises with your own body weight more challenging. Use pure "muscle power" for exercises such as the parallel push up, handstand push ups and push up dips.

Push-up equipment for everyone

Those who often suffer from pain in the wrists while performing the push up can try our push up bars. These small tools ensure that the wrists are relieved while performing the exercise. Those who want to add rotating push ups to the training can get started with the 3-way push-up twister set. And for everyone who wants to perform L-sits, dips, push-ups and handstand push-ups at a higher level, we offer two different sets of parallelettes.

Strengthen your body with equalizers

Equalizers are also a versatile training device. The whole body can be trained with these portable tools. Among other things, you can strengthen your arm, back, chest and leg muscles, but the equalizer is also suitable for cardiovascular exercises. For example, jump over it or crawl under it. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

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