Plyo boxes, GHD's, Platforms & Jerk Blocks


Plyo boxes, GHDs, Platforms & Jerk Blocks

Plyo boxes are the ideal addition for both the novice athlete and the experienced athlete to improve strength and endurance. Plyo boxes are multi-functional and suitable for gyms, CrossFit® boxes and functional training rooms. The wooden plyo box is one of the most famous plyo boxes, but we also offer different types of soft plyo boxes. Ideal for people who are afraid of damaging their shins on a wooden plyo box.

Crossmaxx Jerk blocks

In addition to plyo boxes, we also offer jerk blocks. With jerk blocks you can test your maximum strength without having to worry about re-racking the barbell or rebuilding the weight after a missed lift. Do you want to know more about the products we supply as a fitness wholesaler? Then contact us for more information.