LMX1023 Crossmaxx® Power sled (black)

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The LMX1023 Crossmaxx® power sled (black) is an extremely robust sled that is designed to be pulled and pushed!
You can use the sleeves to push the sled and you can also add weight by loading them with 50 mm plates or discs.
This strong, matt black, powder-coated frame that weighs 35 kg is suitable for intensive commercial use.
The LMX1023 Crossmaxx® power sled (black) comes with four push poles so you don't have to turn the power sled, which means you can get started right away!
The sled is particularly suitable for CrossFit and Functional workouts.

- colour: powdercoated black
- weight: 35 kg
- length: 1105 mm
- width: 700 mm
- height: 1070 mm
- can be made heavier with 50 mm plates and discs
- Four push poles included 
- new additional attatchment: LMX1023.A Crossmaxx® Low bar attachment LMX1023 - see 'related products'
- harness excluded - see 'related products' LMX1823 Crossmaxx® Harness PRO (for intensive use) or LMX1821 Harness fot sled (for light use) 

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