LMX1045 Dual Adjustable Pulley

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This LMX1045 Dual Adjustable pulley is compact, but very versatile and offers a complete workout for beginners as well as experienced athletes! The Dual Adjustable Pulley is easy to adjust making this unit suitable for users of all levels.
This stable, multifunctional pulley ensures that a full workout can be done on 2 square meters.

- suitable for a room with a minimum ceiling height of 2.2 m
- dimensions: L173.4 x W112.2 x H215 cm
- advised size of training room: L173.4 x W162 cm
- weight: 321.9 kg
- shipping weight: 339.9 kg
- weight block: 2 x 77 kg
- 1: 2 pulley ratio for smooth operation
- effective training resistance 2 x 38.5 kg

- pull-up grips in multiple positions provide a wide variety of exercises,  which makes it even more versatile
- completely sealed weight stacks, by means of metal caps, protect the internal components of the device
- adjustment per 5cm in 31 steps for smooth adjustment of the pulley with one hand for easy operation
- included accessories:

  • Tricep rope
  • Straight bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Waist Belt
  • 2 x strap handle

These can be perfectly stored in the Dual Adjustable Pulley!

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