LMX1059 Crossmaxx® Tire Flip

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The LMX1059 Crossmaxx® Tire Flip is the perfect training tool for safe indoor tire flip workouts!
Tire training has been around for a number of years and is a fun and proven way to get fit. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to perform tire workouts indoors. It is often unsafe and takes up a lot of space. This has now been solved by the innovative design of the LMX1059 Crossmaxx® Tire Flip. The tire has a starting weight of 80 kg and can be weighted by loading the LMX1059 Crossmaxx® Tire Flip with small plates up to 40 kg. Through the two eyelets on the sides of the Crossmaxx® Tire Flip it is possible to attach battle ropes. This makes the LMX1059 Crossmaxx® Tire Flip suitable for almost everyone, including individual and group training sessions!

total weight (unloaded): 120 kg
tire weight (unloaded): 80 kg
can be loaded up to 40 kg extra by means of two pins of dia. 50 mm.
colour: black
dimensions: 120 x 140 cm
the LMX1059 Crossmaxx® Tire Flip can be anchored in the floor for extra safety.

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