LMX1240 LMX.® Slamball (6 - 20kg)

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Vanaf €19,83 Excl. BTW
€23,99 Incl. BTW
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LMX1240.06 LMX.® Slamball 6kg
€19,83 Excl. BTW
LMX1240.08 LMX.® Slamball 8kg
€22,31 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX1240.10 LMX.® Slamball 10kg
€24,79 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX1240.12 LMX.® Slamball 12kg
€27,26 Excl. BTW
LMX1240.16 LMX.® Slamball 16kg
€38,01 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX1240.20 LMX.® Slamball 20kg
€52,06 Excl. BTW
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The LMX1240 LMX.® Slamball (6 - 20kg) is the only ball that is suitable for ‘slamming’!
These balls will not bounce when they hit the ground so you can easily perform exercises requiring fast reps.
With proper use, these balls are suitable for commercial use.
The LMX1240 LMX.® Slamball (6 - 20kg) is available in the following KG:
- LMX1240.06 - LMX.® Slamball 6kg
- LMX1240.08 - LMX.® Slamball 8kg
- LMX1240.10 - LMX.® Slamball 10kg
- LMX1240.12 - LMX.® Slamball 12kg
- LMX1240.16 - LMX.® Slamball 16kg
- LMX1240.20 - LMX.® Slamball 20kg

- LMX1240.35 - slamball 35kg (see 'related products')
- LMX1240.50 - slamball 50kg (see 'related products')
- LMX1240.70 - slamball 70kg (see 'related products')

- diameter 6-10 kg: 23 cm
- diameter 12-20 kg: 28 cm
- colour: black with clear weight indication
- thick rubber coating with sand filling
- non-bouncing slamball

Tip! To extend the service life of the ball, make sure the ground is clean and in good condition.

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