LMX1244 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball (2 - 12kg)

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LMX1244.02 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball 2kg
€34,70 Excl. BTW
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LMX1244.04 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball 4kg
€48,75 Excl. BTW
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LMX1244.06 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball 6kg
€49,58 Excl. BTW
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LMX1244.08 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball 8kg
€50,40 Excl. BTW
sold out
LMX1244.09 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball 9kg
€52,06 Excl. BTW
LMX1244.10 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball 10kg
€53,71 Excl. BTW
LMX1244.12 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball 12kg
€56,19 Excl. BTW
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The LMX1244 Crossmaxx® PRO wall balls (2 - 12kg) are perfect for CrossFit boxes, Functional Fitness, Small Group Training and Personal Training!
The Crossmaxx® PRO wall balls have high impact absorption and rubber filling, and the hard-wearing seams are double stitched.
This means the LMX1244 Crossmaxx® PRO wall balls (2 - 12kg) are of high quality and suitable for intensive commercial use (provided the exercises are done properly!)
The correct weights are easy to recognize because of the double weight display.

The LMX1244 Crossmaxx® PRO wall ball (2 - 12kg) is available in the following KG:
- LMX1244.02 - PRO Wall ball 2kg - diameter ⌀250mm
- LMX1244.04 - PRO Wall ball 4kg - diameter ⌀350mm 
- LMX1244.06 - PRO Wall ball 6kg - diameter ⌀350mm 
- LMX1244.08 - PRO Wall ball 8kg - diameter ⌀350mm 
- LMX1244.09 - PRO Wall ball 9kg - diameter ⌀350mm
- LMX1244.10 - PRO Wall ball 10kg - diameter ⌀350mm 
- LMX1244.12 - PRO Wall ball 12kg - diameter ⌀350mm 

- colour: black with double weight indication
- high quality materials
- double stitched seams
- high impact absorption
- rubber filling


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