LMX1550 LMX.® Challenge bag (6 - 20kg)

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Vanaf €57,84 Excl. BTW
€69,99 Incl. BTW
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LMX1550.06 LMX.® Challenge bag 6kg
€57,84 Excl. BTW
LMX1550.08 LMX.® Challenge bag 8kg
€60,32 Excl. BTW
LMX1550.10 LMX.® Challenge bag 10kg
€62,80 Excl. BTW
LMX1550.12 LMX.® Challenge bag 12kg
€65,28 Excl. BTW
LMX1550.16 LMX.® Challenge bag 16kg
€67,76 Excl. BTW
LMX1550.20 LMX.® Challenge bag 20kg
€71,07 Excl. BTW
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The LMX1550 LMX.® Challenge bag (6 - 20kg) is perfect for use in Functional Training rooms and Personal training studios as well as in Small Group Training and other group classes!
The original LMX.® Challenge bags have a static weight which means they are also great for physio fitness and rehabilitation.
The strong PVC bags feature five strong and comfortable grips. This makes the Challenge bags suitable for countless exercises.
The LMX1550 LMX.® Challenge bags are available in the following kg:
- LMX1550.06 LMX.® Challenge bag 6 kg
- LMX1550.08 LMX.® Challenge bag 8 kg
- LMX1550.10 LMX.® Challenge bag 10 kg
- LMX1550.12 LMX.® Challenge bag 12 kg
- LMX1550.16 LMX.® Challenge bag 16 kg
- LMX1550.20 LMX.® Challenge bag 20 kg

- strong PVC cover and strong nylon straps
- five grips
- high density filling for extra stability

Tips for a long service life!
- not suitable as boxing pad or throwing/slamming onto the ground.
- coating is suitable for smooth (indoor) surfaces. If used on paving, the cover will wear out more quickly.

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