LMX1707 Crossmaxx® Split squat stand

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he LMX1707 Crossmaxx® Split squat stand is perfect for performing leg exercises such as the Bulgarian split squat and single leg squats. In addition to these exercises, it is also ideal to use safely for pushups with elevated feet and many other exercises. The LMX1707 Crossmaxx® Split squat position makes it safer and more pleasant to perform exercises than using a bench. This ensures that the materials will also last longer.
The split squat position is easy to adjust with quick release adjustment knobs, making it suitable for everyone to use. The LMX1707 Crossmaxx® Split Squat Stand is perfect for training the quads, glutes and hamstrings and improves your balance, flexibility and coordination. Suitable for commercial use.

- colour: black powder coated
- width: 66cm
- length: 66cm
- height: 55cm
- cushion length: 42cm
- usable width 49cm
- adjustable in 7 positions

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