LMX37.PRO Crossmaxx® Open trap bar PRO

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The LMX37.PRO Crossmaxx® Open trap bar PRO has a length of 214cm and weighs 24kg.
The open trap bar is made of steel with a robust, strong and sturdy appearance!
The open design makes it easy to get in and out of the bar and offers more freedom of movement! This makes numerous exercises possible, such as lunges and carries.

The integrated 'bar jack' lifts the sleeves off the ground, making loading the bar very easy.

- colour: matte black powder coating
- weight: 24 kg
- length: 214 cm
- width: 22 cm
- height: 60 cm
- length handle: 137 mm
- length sleeves: 39 cm
- distance between handles: 59 cm
- total inner measurement: 77 cm
- max. load: 400 kg
- no rotation

Florian from Germany 10-06-2022 17:53

I've had this bar for almost a year now and I have to say I love it.

- Extremely sturdy
- Rackable
- Loading plates is super easy
- Deadlifts with this bar feel so much better than with a straight bar
- Knurling is good, neither too soft nor too aggressive
- Open design allows for a lot more exercises than closed design: trapbar OHP, bulgarian split squats, trapbar rows etc

- Packaging could be improved, mine came with a very small scratch, but no big issue

I would absolutely buy this again, it makes for a great addition to any home gym.

5 stars based on 1 reviews