7 tips to get more clients in your gym

7 tips to get more clients in your gym

No matter how good looking your gym is and how much experience you have, the success of your gym goes hand in hand with the number of clients. No gym without clients.. However, it can be quite a challenge to find enough clients, especially if you have a lot of competition in the area. We all know the standard promotion ways; such as trial periods, being active on social media, being findable on Google. But what if that isn't enough? In this blog we give you 7 tips for more clients in your gym that you can get started with right away.

How do you get more gym clients?

1. Provide good branding
Personal branding is developing a recognizable impression around who you are and what you do. This impression streamlines your image and gives you the opportunity to offer your services to potential customers in a way that is exclusive to you. This exclusivity, in turn, attracts people to learn more about your products and services. Because your personal brand is unique to you, you automatically create a personalized experience that your clients can associate with you compared to other trainers. Start by defining your brand by identifying what kind of fitness you will specialize in, how you will tell your brand story, who your target audience is and how you can help your audience. What is it that you know you are exceptionally good at? You will then translate this into all your outings: from logo to font and from colors in the gym to general vibe / atmosphere. It sounds complicated and it certainly takes time, but it is worth it!

2. Collaborate with other entrepreneurs
Nothing is as strong when other entrepreneurs introduce your products or services to their clients. For example, what part of your work can others entrepreneurs give away? Choose your collaborations carefully and make it work, it will pay you back: more potential customers for your company. For example, see if there are real estate agents in the area who mainly sell houses / apartments around your gym. You can offer this agent. to give anyone who buys a house through them a month of free training with you. Win-win situation, because the agent can also offer something extra to its customers. The same applies, for example, to a health store. Give them a discount or a free session with a purchase from an X amount. Have a look in your area to see which collaborations could be interesting.

3. Create loyal customers
Word of mouth is still a powerful form of advertising, so be committed to your clients and give them the best of you. Being friendly, passionate and enthusiastic will go a long way in bringing in satisfied and loyal clients. Many trainers focus too much on getting new clients and therefore do not give enough attention to current clients. Remember: “Acquiring a new client can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.”

4. Ask for referrals
Since your loyal clients understand the importance of getting fit, asking for referrals can be a good move. You can approach this in different ways. For example, organize a 'bring a friend' day every so often, where customers can bring someone for free. Inviting your clients to bring a friend for their first few training sessions can also lead to signups. You can also offer your clients a discount on their subscription, or a free PT session for each person they refer (if they eventually become a client).

5. Post reviews on your website/social media page
People looking for a gym are often curious what kind of experience others have had with you. If you know that your clients are very happy with your services, ask them to post a testimonial on your website. Having a lot of good reviews can definitely win over potential clients.

6. Network with fitness professionals
Marketing expert Porte Gale once said: "Your network is your net worth!" And that really turns out to be true. To get more clients, it is wise to network with fitness or health professionals in your area. You can even try to find a mentor to guide you as you grow in your career. You can keep abreast of the latest trends and you can get referrals from clients to work with. It also gives you the opportunity to work together to organize workshops and training events, for example, or network with chiropractors, physiotherapists and dietitians in your area to start a collaboration.

7. Follow an online business or marketing course
Many trainers forget that they are a businessman/woman first and a trainer second. By following a marketing and business course, you will learn, among other things, how to grow your business, how to market your business like a true professional, how to promote your business through social media, and so on. You can follow (online) courses through all kinds of platforms. It takes some time, but again.. definitely worth it.

Everything you need for your gym

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