Bands and exercises for a round booty

Bands and exercises for a round booty

We can't say it often enough: resistance bands are an excellent way to train your body. They are versatile, easy to carry and relatively inexpensive to purchase. Although you can train your entire body with bands, in this blog we are going to talk about training one of the most popular muscle groups: the glutes.

Booty bands, hip bands, mini bands, resistance bands; On our website you will find many different resistance bands. In this blog we first discuss the different resistance bands and then we give you a number of effective exercises to train your glutes.

Our resistance bands for a round booty

LMX.® Booty bands
The name says it all, but these are the ultimate booty bands! These resistance bands are specially made to train the lower body, with emphasis on the glutes. The LMX.® Booty bands are of high quality, so don't be afraid to use them often! The bands will not move or curl during your workout due to the non-slip edges inside the bands, allowing you to fully concentrate on the correct execution of the exercise. The Booty bands are available in four different levels: from beginners to advanced.

LMX.® Hip band set
The LMX.® Hip band set is also ideal for training the lower body. Just like the Booty bands, these bands are equipped with anti-slip lines that ensure that the bands do not curl or slide. The Hip bands are very comfortable to use, even when you wear shorts, for example. The biggest difference between the Hip bands and the Booty bands is that the Booty bands are sold separately and the Hip bands are sold per set of 3. This set comes with a bag, so that you can easily take the bands with you.

LMX.® Mini band
Although the LMX.® Mini bands are not specifically made for glute exercises, these bands are also suitable for this purpose. In terms of price, the Mini bands are cheaper than the resistance bands above, but they do not have an anti-slip edge, for example. They are also less comfortable to train the glutes with, compared to the Booty bands and the Hip band set. The Mini bands are available in 4 different levels (each level has its own color) and are supplied per 10 pieces (per level).

Crossmaxx® Resistance bands
The Crossmaxx® Resistance bands are available in three different types: the standard resistance bands, mini resistance bands light and mini resistance bands heavy. The standard Crossmaxx® resistance bands are available in 6 levels and ideal for mobility, resistance lifting, stretching, etc. These resistance bands are longer than all three bands above and are therefore slightly less convenient to use for training the glutes.

The Crossmaxx® Mini resistance bands light are latex resistance bands. This set consists of 4 resistance bands: 2 red bands (extra light) and 2 black bands (light). The mini resistance bands have the advantage over the fabric bands that they can be stretched further and therefore can be used more versatile. These resistance bands are therefore ideal for stretching, training with band pegs (deadlift), agility and for warming up and training the lower body.

Do you want to go up a level? Then the Crossmaxx® Mini resistance bands heavy are suitable for you. These bands are the heavier version of the light bands and therefore more suitable for advanced athletes.

As you have read, all our resistance bands are suitable for training the glutes, but the Booty bands and the Hip bands are the best options for this training!

Exercises for training the glutes

Now that you have a clearer picture of our resistance bands, it's time to discuss some possible exercises. Of course, these are not all exercises that are good for getting a nice, round booty, but these are the most popular ones! The first time you try these resistance band exercises for glutes, you may need to try out a few bands to find the tension that's right for you. Bands range from low resistance (light) to high resistance (heavy). Start with a low-resistance band and gradually build up to more resistance.

Side shuffle
Place the resistance band around your ankles and stand with your feet wider than shoulder width, knees bent and back straight. Step to the right with your right foot and then follow with the left foot, keeping the band tight. Take ten steps to the right, then change direction and repeat to the other side. If you perform these exercises properly, you will feel it burn a lot. If you don't feel this, bend your knees a little deeper or choose a heavier resistance band.

Glute bridge
Place the resistance band just above your knees and lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms at your sides. Lift your hips as high as possible and keep your upper body relaxed. Tighten your glutes, hold for a few seconds, slowly lower yourself and then repeat the exercises. To keep tension on the glutes, lift your hips back up before your glutes touch the floor.

Clam Shell
Place the resistance band just above your knees and lie on your side. Keep one hand on your hip and one hand supporting your head. Knees are together and bent at 45 degrees. Keeping your feet together, spread your knees as far apart as possible, hold for a moment and slowly move back to start the exercise again.

Donkey kick
Start on your hands and knees with the resistance band wrapped around the toes of your shoes. Kick your leg back, driving your heel toward the ceiling. Pull in your belly button and tighten your glutes. Hold for a moment at the top and then move your leg back down.

Fire hydrant
Place a resistance band on the center of your thigh. Then get on your hands and knees with your back straight and head down. Don't bend your back. Slowly raise one leg as a dog would at a fire hydrant and slowly return it to the starting position. Fun fact: In Spanish, this exercise is often referred to as "perro meando," or the "peeing dog."

Plank jack
Place the resistance band around your ankles and get into a push-up position. Move both legs to the side until you feel a stretch in your glutes. Return your legs to the starting position. This move should be done quickly to keep the tension on your core at all times.

Lying lateral leg raise
Lie on your side with your legs straight together and place the resistance band around your ankles. Support your head with 1 arm. Move your entire leg up and down again.

With our resistance bands and the above exercises you can get started with training your glutes. Do you have questions about our resistance bands? Please feel free to contact us.

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