Complete your gym with a Sprint track

Complete your gym with a Sprint track

Do you want to start a gym or renew your current gym? Then you definitely need a sprint track ;) Even if the name suggests otherwise, these tracks are certainly not just made for sprinting. Sprint tracks are ideal for sled workouts, plyometric workouts, tire flips, battle rope workouts, tabatas and much more. In this blog we tell you how you can update your gym and make it even more versatile by using a sprint track.

Sprint tracks with your branding

A sprint track is a real eye-catcher. With a sprint track you can radically change the look of your gym without spending a lot of money. You can choose a sprint track with standard colors, but you can also have it made with your own branding. Whichever option you choose, their visual impact is just as explosive as the workouts you can give on it ;)

A sprint track is also suitable for dividing your gym into different zones. For example, place it in the middle to give personal training at the left side of the track and hiit lessons at the right side. A sprint track also functions as a good anti-slip mat for your training sessions/members and offers a good sound-absorbing effect.

Sprint track options
You can choose from five different sprint tracks:

  • - LMX1373 & LMX1374 Sprinttracks (different colours and sizes available on our website);
  • - Extreme sprinttrack unlined (available on request);
  • - Extreme sprinttrack start & finish or numbers (available on request);
  • - Extreme sprinttrack custom-made (available on request).

    For sprinttracks that are available on request, please contact us.

Our sprint tracks are made of the highest quality artificial grass and are therefore a sustainable choice. Due to the high fiber density, the artificial grass is perfect for intensive training sessions. The sprint tracks have been extensively tested to ensure safety and durability. However, that's not all, our sprint tracks offer even more benefits:

- available in different colors, styles and sizes;
- ideal pile height of 15mm;
- suitable for indoor and outdoor use;
- very high density of 63000 stitches/sqm;
- Gauge 3/16 in;
- Dtex: 5500D;
- 100% eco-friendly, high-quality, fire-resistant and UV-resistant material;
- EN 13501-1:2007 classification, fire resistance class Bfl - S2.

Installing a Sprinttrack in your gym

Installing a sprint track in your (home) gym / box is not difficult. Make sure the surface is solid, level, dry and free of dust. Make sure that you fill any imperfections before placing the sprint track, otherwise they will be visible after placing. The sprint track can be laid loose, but we recommend installing the sprinttrack by using double-sided carpet tape, for example. You can also choose to glue it to the floor, but keep in mind that this makes the track difficult to remove / move.

Would you prefer us to install the sprint track? That is of course also an option! In that case, please contact us. Also if you have other questions, or if you would like to have a custom sprint track made. We are happy to help!

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