Discover the innovative LMX.® Boxing collection

Discover the innovative LMX.® Boxing collection

Whether you're a boxing enthusiast, seeking dynamic group workouts, or simply on the hunt for an exhilarating way to stay fit. Look no further! Our LMX.® Boxing collection is your go-to solution, catering to all fitness aspirations. But when it comes to selecting the right gear for your goals, navigating the choices can feel overwhelming. Leather or PU? Gloves or Mitts? Wondering about the need for a Kickshield? Don't worry, this blog has the answers you seek!

Boxing Gloves or Boxing Mitts?
The LMX.® Boxing line features Boxing Gloves PU, Boxing Gloves leather, and Boxing Mitts (punch mitts). Boxing Gloves excel in boxing matches and lessons, offering protection and powerful punches. They're thicker, equipped with extra padding and thumb attachment to minimize injuries.
Boxing Mitts (punch mitts) are lighter and designed for bag and pad training. They guard against bruises and abrasions, foster mobility, and enhance technique. These mitts lack thumb attachments for greater flexibility, albeit with a slightly higher risk of injuries. Boxing Gloves are ideal for contests, group classes, and sparring, while Boxing Mitts suit experienced bag training and technique refinement.

Leather or PU?
Leather boasts durability, enhanced comfort (less sweaty palms), and can handle heavy usage, making it perfect for those who demand more from their gloves. On the other hand, PU gloves are more budget-friendly and equally effective, catering to beginners exploring boxing. In terms of protection, there's no difference between the two glove types.

Focus Pads - Precision strikes and jabs
LMX.® Focus Pads are your key to mastering boxing technique. Utilizing focus pads sharpens your precision in striking, punching, jabbing, and kicking. Training with focus pads replicates a combat environment, enabling direct simulations of strikes and hits on your partner in front of you. It's a fantastic exercise method that elevates heart rate, burns calories, and refines combat movements.

Kickshield - Elevate your group sessions
The LMX.® Kickshield XL is your ultimate companion for unleashing powerful kicks and strikes. Boasting four handles and triple-layer foam padding, this kickshield offers outstanding, balanced shock absorption while facilitating versatile handling. It's equally beneficial for beginners and advanced practitioners, adding value to individual training and group classes alike.

PRO Boxing Bag - Full body workout 
The LMX.® PRO Boxing bag presents an exciting opportunity to elevate your physical endurance and strength to new heights. Beyond its effective fat-burning capabilities, the boxing bag is an exceptional tool for building muscle power. Notably, the bag training engages your shoulders, triceps, and chest muscles, maintaining constant tension during punches.

Arm Pads - Intense training, zero risks
Arm pads are tailor-made to shield the instructor's arms from potent student strikes and kicks. Designed with ergonomic shape and triple-layer foam padding, LMX.® Arm Pads offer impeccable shock absorption. They're easy to wear and remove, making them exceptionally suitable for training purposes. Arm pads provide multiple advantages, enabling intensive training without injury risks, allowing students to practice various techniques, and offering instructors the means to observe and guide student execution.

Cleaning Supplies - Refresh and revive
Elevate your boxing experience with LMX.® Deodoriser, ensuring your sports gear remains fresh! This spray is formulated to eliminate odors from hard-to-wash sports equipment. It doesn't mask perspiration odors but completely eliminates them.

Curious about LMX.® Boxing products or our other offerings after reading this blog? Feel free to reach out – we're here to assist you on your fitness journey.

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