Why the Macebell - by Timmy Claeys

Why the Macebell - by Timmy Claeys

The Macebell is one of the most versatile tools available. The possibilities are endless and the different weights make the Macebell suitable for almost everyone. We asked Macebell-specialist Timmy Claeys to write a blog about this 'age-old' tool and to share his vision of the physical and mental benefits of using the Macebell.


"Age-old and yet unprecedented in our current Western society. A weapon that can be found within Hinduism in the hands of the God Hanuman. The "gada", the symbol of strength, perseverance and dedication. The 13th century Persian Empire made use of long bamboo poles with a stone on one side to train their big army in kata style with a weighted element for more speed and efficiency in battle. In the Middle Ages we see a weapon in many variations with impact under the name of "Good day". But in the meantime, Egyptian hieroglyphs are already known where there is a clear representation of the aforementioned gada, where has he gone all these years?

Basic movements from the past

Within the traditional form of training in India this is still present..Gada's of 5, 10, 20, 40 to 70 kg are brought from shoulder to shoulder with flexibility. A few years ago, a movement started within America that focuses more on non-traditional fitness as we know it today, but returns to basic movements of the past. There was the return of the kettlebell, the rise of crossfit, Animal Flow and now also the Macebell.
As a Master in Human Movement Sciences I was always stimulated by functional training and the search for increased training efficiency. Combining strength, mobility, stability, coordination and conditional ability within the same workout without the loss of training in function of daily exercise. Away from those sitting and supporting strength exercises.

Mental peace

As an entrepreneur, personal trainer and father of two children, I too came face to face with an invisible danger, in particular stress, time pressure and negative emotions. All elements to which every average citizen is continuously exposed to in 2019. Finding the right balance is the answer, but the need for physical movement was just as necessary for me. Classical meditation and yoga did not have the desired effect. However, my own quest clearly indicated that spiritual strength and thus peace are an absolute necessity to find the right balance in life.

Unbalanced metal bar

Thanks to social media, I discovered my new mentor under the name Leo Savage, an American Steel Mace Specialist. The smooth movements that were performed with this metal bar included everything I was looking for within an intense workout, but also brought peace. I was able to purchase my first Macebell via Lifemaxx and proceeded to discover. What do you do with an unbalanced metal bar without a manual? You experiment, you experience this offset principle and you start applying it with your own knowledge. Like with a barbell that is loaded on only one side, you start with curls and rows, push and presses. The length of the hollow bar means that with two-handed movements you have to activate the oblique abdominal muscles extra to maintain your vertical line, since the weight is on only one side! This shape also ensures that you can train with pendulum movements both in front of and behind the body, where you can experience the pendulum effect. This immediately provides more core stability, shoulder mobility, but also grip strength and a balance between left and right due to the continuous alternation of sides. By adding squats, lunges forwards and backwards, but also sideways you can also activate the legs.

Accessible to all

The ability to vary in weight ensures that the Macebell is accessible to almost everyone. You can already start with 4 kg, also ideal for learning more complex movements. Train with the 6 kg for more challenge and muscle activation, but you can build further to training for more muscle mass by expanding your Macebell set to 20 kg!

Then the question follows: "Why don't you take a kettlebell?"

Well, because when you hold the Macebell and you start the movements, you not only feel the activation of the upper and lower body, of balance and energy, but also of pure focus. You perform every movement with 100% intention, so that you can increase the base load of the Macebell by applying more force to the tube, or by moving it faster. If you lose control, you will soon discover that you are holding a weapon. Vary your training from a few basic movements in circuit form to a physical expression of your energy. It is a strength training that stimulates you physically, but brings you to a mental rest. It brings balance to your body that you can experience both physically and mentally through improved stability, but also through a clear vision. Train individually within a club, outside under a tree or on the beach, or train in a group and feel the power of the kata and awaken your inner warrior. Train as a way of relaxation to quickly recharge yourself for work or during the lunch break, or go for an intense workout, that appeals to every muscle in your body, for more energy and strength.

Develop your ultra version

My mission is to let people experience this new-old form in order to develop their ultra version. Buy a Macebell and make use of the online knowledge of, among others, Steel Mace Flow or look for a trainer. Did you know that Functional Harbeats in Amsterdam specializes in the Mace and that you can book a training with Harbert individually or in a group? But of course you can also ask me, your mace entertRainer, located in Eeklo near Ghent, for more information, guidance and training about the Mace. This both under direct supervision and online!

Time to put more mace in hands. "

Timmy Claeys


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