Five tips to gain more PT clients

Five tips to gain more PT clients

You've got it all figured out: you want to become a personal trainer! You have the papers, the skills, the motivation and the knowledge, but one thing is still missing: enough customers. How do you get more customers for your personal training? We would like to help you with these 5 tips!


Step one

Let's start with a cliché, be good at what you do. That may sound logical, but people still mess up there. You might be good at attracting customers, but if you are unable to get good results with these customers, you will not keep them.

Personal Training is not just about recruiting customers, but especially about retaining these customers. It takes a lot more time and effort to recruit new customers than to keep your current customers.

So be passionate about what you do and do it with enthusiasm. Satisfied customers attract new customers. Choose this profession for the right reasons, not because of the money. Your customers will feel that..

Step two

Choose a specific direction. Do not try to be all sorts of things for all sorts of people. Instead, determine what distinguishes you from the competitors. Not just from your point of view,  but especially from your customers and and potential customers point of view. This information can be used to make your marketing efforts much more focused.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Who do you work with?
Who do you want to work with?
What makes you different from the others?
How would customers describe your work?

Once you have specified this, include that in your communication. This creates a clear message to the outside world about your target audience. People who read it, can feel 'yes, that's really perfect for me'.

Step three

Spread the word! When you have clear what you want to do and who you want to do it for, think about the different expressions you will spread. For example, you can create a folder and spread home-to-door within the region where you want to offer personal training. But your online communication is as important, or even more important.

Show your results, work and knowledge on social media. Find out which hashtags are best for you. Create a Facebook page and share your story here. Let people know what you do, where you do this and what people can do with it. When you have extra budget, you can create online marketing campaigns, where you can create your target audience very specifically. Build a website, join LinkedIn groups, advertise on Google, write an e-book, collect email addresses, and approach people through email marketing to build a bond. Do not be afraid to give away free knowledge, people will always chose that over cheesy marketing language.

Do you have customers who have not been active for some time? Approach them! Ask how they are and whether they are still training. Chances are they are not training anymore and actually want to start again. 

Step Four 

Oral references still are the most reliable form of marketing for personal trainers. When customers share their story and results with other people, it is likely that they will be interested.

So try to create ways for your customers to propose yourself to new people as much as possible. For example, organize a partner training, where someone can take someone for free. Use social media to stay connected with your customers. When invited by customers for events .. go! Your customers can be a great source for new business, but you need to help them a little bit at setting it up.

Step five

Of course, you can help people offline, but you can also share your knowledge online. For example, write an extensive ebook with training tips that people can buy. Or customize dietary schedules when you have enough knowledge about nutrition. Start creating valuable online content, such as videos, e-books, and webinars to earn money online.

Bonus tip

Make sure you have got the right equipment. Mix up bodyweight excersizes with weights for and effective workout. You can use for instance kettlebells, dumbbells, bulgarian bags, jump ropes, slam balls etc. Please feel free to contact us for advice!

As you can read above, getting more customers does not consist of all kinds of magic tricks. It is not overly complex, but these tips are effective.

Good luck!

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