Five tips to make your workout more fun!

Five tips to make your workout more fun!

“I dont want to go”

“I don't have time”

“It's raining”

“It's too hot"

“I am too tired today”

If you workout on a regular base, you have probably said one of these things over the past few months. There are many reasons we feel like this and one of the most popular reasons is that many people do not really like to work out. They do it because they think they should do it, but they don’t do it because they want to do it. Do you belong to this group? Or do you regularly struggle to go to the gym? Then use these tips to make sure you like to go back to the gym again!


1. Track your training
If you're competitive, even if it’s you vs you, tracking your workout is a great way to motivate yourself. This can be done with a fitness tracker, which provides statistics on, among other things, your heart rate, burned calories, fat burning and more.


Once you have these numbers available, you can set a goal for yourself, such as your average BPM (heart rate per minute) during intensive exercise, or average burned calories. Then it's you vs you! Try to beat yourself every time. If you are competitive, you will get a huge boost out of this.


2. Train together
Many people find it much more fun to work together than alone. Besided the fact that it's more fun, the idea that you have an appointment with someone is an extra motivation to go. A warming up on the treadmill is less unpleasant if you can have a nice conversation and many exercises can be done with a buddy. For example, think about sit ups where you throw a medicine ball, wheelbarrow (good for your core!) And burpees over your buddy who is in planking position. This way you can motivate and encourage each other so that you leave the gym with a statisfied feeling.


3. Make sure you train without pain
Knee pain, stiffness and shin splints make your training a lot less fun. Especially if you are in violation of the pain during training. To make your workout more enjoyable, it is important to take care of yourself and to get rid of the pain (where possible). The problems will not disappear overnight, but working on a solution is the first step in the right direction.


Below are a few methods to determine what the pain is and what you can do.

- Walk analysis: Your shoes can be the source of your pain. A walk analysis can help determine which shoes are right for you. At many stores you can make such an analysis free of charge, definitely worth it!

- Referral to a specialist: If you have painful joints before, during or after exercise and if the pain gets worse during exercise, it is not a bad idea to ask for a referral to a specialist. The type of pain you feel will determine which specialist you should be referred to.

- Cramp or stomach ache: If you regularly have subtle abdominal pain or cramps during exercise, it is advisable to contact a nutritionist or personal trainer. The problem could be caused by eating too short before the training, but it may also have another cause. A professional can help you choose the right foods and determine the best timing for your meals.


4. Select new music
Good music is often necessary to enjoy a workout. It is not only a good distraction, but research has also shown that we are working harder when we listen to music. We get excited and get more energy. If the music has a good beat, you tend to move with more power!


But…. If you have 1 fixed playlist and press the repeat button during every training on, you get bored quickly. The music that motivated you  at first, now becomes a pain in the ass. Always change your playlist regularly. For example, use Spotify to listen to a playlist that you have never heard before, or add new songs to your own playlist regularly. You can also exchange your music for a motivational speech or even an e-book. This can be the ultimate distraction during a long-distance run for instance.


5. Participate in group lessons
You have no more motivation to train by yourself? Then join the group classes in your gym! Sweating together is for many people the soluation because the energy of the other participants works contagiously! For many people, group lessons are the only form of training they really enjoy, so be sure to try it. Gyms often offer a great variety of group lessons , so you can alternate and never get bored. Join HIIT, boxing, or a yoga class! A busy schedule is no excuse, because most gyms offer lessons from early morning to late evening.

Creating fun in your training goes hand in hand with listening to yourself and listening to what your body asks of you that day. Don’t be afraid to work hard, but give yourself some rest if that’s really what your body needs that day. If you make it fun for yourself, you will eventually keep up with it much longer and that's what matters the most!


Have fun!  


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