Crossmaxx athlete Antonio doesn't believe in 'off season'. He trains to stay fit and healthy and to be his absolutely best during competitions, which means his training schedule is pretty much the same all year round. Read all about it in this blog and discover what a training day for Antonio looks like.

Antonio: "The last 13 months with on and off lockdowns made me even more aware how important fitness is in our lives.Mentally and physically, the lockdown was a massive challenge for me. I was lucky to have my Crossmaxx equipment at home, and to be able to use a lot of machines such rowers, etc from my own Box, to set up a mini gym at home. Now that we are allowed to train almost as normal again, I don’t take my training for granted. Now more than ever, I love it! 
No off seasons
Off seasons is not really in my Training Program. I train to stay Fit & Healthy, and to be the best I can be when I compete. For me competing is what gives me that drive and nd a goal to train harder. So my training schedule is pretty much the same all year. I only increase the volume and intensity of my training around 1 month before a major competition.
I have been part of the Invictus Masters Training Program since 2013, and it suits me perfectly. The length of it is around 90 to 120 minutes a day. Sometimes I try and squeeze a double session in in the afternoon by taking part in our classes at CrossFit Blau.
I now enter a new Category (+55), and it will be my 5th category since I started competing, so the days of doing PRs are gone. I feel that I don’t need to proof anymore that I can lift heavy. I now train only with appropriate weights for my age category, I compensate in others areas, and the results are there.
To give you an idea about my training, I like to share a typical day for me from my Invictus Training.
Typical training day
  • Activation/Mobility/Warm Up
( around 5 to 10 minutes)
  • Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat.
E90” ( 6 sets) 1 SB + 2 OHS
( Increase load each round)
  • E2’ for 16 minutes
  • Slow Snatch Pull + Snatch
( 3 second pull from the floor)
  • Back Squat
Set 1 - 5 Reps @65%
Set 2 - 3 Reps @75%
Set 3 - 1 Rep @85%
Set 4 - 8 Reps @75%
Set 5 - 8 Reps @75%
Set 6 - 8 Reps @75%
( rest 2 or 3 minutes between Sets)
  • EMOM - BBJO + DB Snatch + Assault Bike.
Every minute on the minute. For 21 minutes.
Minute 1 - 8 x Burpee Box Jump Over
Minute 2 - 8 x DB Snatches ( 22.5 kgs)
Minute 3 - 13 Cal A/B
  • Additional Optional Strength Accessory Session.
Every 90 seconds, for 18 minutes ( 3 sets) of:
Station One: Landmine Press ( right) x 8 @ 2111
Station Two: Landmine Press ( left) x 8 @ 2111
Station Three: Supinated Grip - bent over Barbell Row x 8 @ 2111
Station Four : L sit hold 30 seconds
3 Sets of:
Dumbbell Bench Press x 8 reps @ 3011
Rest 60 seconds
Dumbbell Death March x 16 reps @3011
Rest 69 seconds
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