Get to know our athletes: Antonio

Get to know our athletes: Antonio

In the 'get to know our athletes' series our Crossmaxx® athletes and ambassadors tell you all about how they got into crossfit, what their goals are and they share tips and tricks! In this blog Crossmaxx® athlete Antonio answers our questions.


How did you come into contact with crossfit and what made you decide to start?

"My first contact with crossfit was almost 10 years ago in Sweden, at the Nordic Showdown organized by Mads Jacobsen. I saw a lot of new athletes. Back then Annie Thorisdottir was a rising star.. Who knew back then she would become what she is today!
It took me two years to actually start training myself, but prior to that I used the philosophy to train others. It was only 7 yrs ago that I got the drive to compete and I opened my own Box two years later.
Through crossfit, I also got involved in collaborating with BoxRox, where I wrote many articles about crossfit, my experience and had a great opportunity to interview many athletes. 
Later on, I had my own blog 'Crossfitters Lusitanos'.

How did you get to know Lifemaxx® / Crossmaxx®? 

I was introduced to Crossmaxx® through Marcha, at a Limassol event in Cyprus almost 6 yrs ago. Marcha spoke highly of this great brand, who was a pioneer in sponsoring Masters Athletes. The rest is history, and I have been with Crossmaxx® ever since.  

What is your ultimate fitness dream / goal? 

I fight agains the stereotype that because I am 55, I should look and act a certain age. I want to be the fittest I can be, to live a healthy lifestyle and through actions inspire others to do the same.
When it comes to competitions I basically have entered all the best events in Europa, and sat on the podium in the best ones. Worldwide, two left to do: CF Games and Wodapalooza, watch this space!

What is your favorite exercise and your least favorite exercise and why? 

My favorite moves are everything that has to do with gymnastics. Because of my background in it, it is very natural for me. I hate Clean and Jerk. I don't know why, just have that feeling..

Do you have any tips / tricks for athletes?

Tips and Tricks for those who compete with me? Nah, not giving my secrets away ;)

In general: have a goal and please have fun! It is only a fitness program! 

Would you like to know more about Antonio? Follow him on Instagram.

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