Get to know our athletes: Belinda

Get to know our athletes: Belinda

In the 'get to know our athletes' series our Crossmaxx® athletes and ambassadors tell you all about how they got into crossfit, what their goals are and they share tips and tricks! First up: Belinda!


How did you come into contact with crossfit / weightlifting and what made you decide to start?
Via a fitness where I took classes based on crossfit. The one who thought the lesson that I should take a real crossfit lesson. After the first lesson, I was hooked and didn't leave. I do weightlifting from time to time, because the weight classes make it fun for me to participate. In crossfit I have little advantage in being small and light, in weightlifting I do.

How did you discover Lifemaxx/Crossmaxx®?
I think that was already 5 years ago, I first came into contact through a photo shoot for the folder and through competitions of course.

What is your ultimate fitness dream/goal?
The crossfit games

What is your favorite exercise and your least favorite exercise and why?

I like a lot of things! I love chest to bar pull ups and barbell cycling The least favorite will be the combination of 2 exercises where length is a disadvantage, like rowing and wallballs. 

Do you have any tips / tricks for athletes?
Focus on your own performance, that is all you have control over and makes your crossfit life a lot more relaxed. You cannot influence the performance of others, so do the best you can!

Would you like to know more about Belinda? You can follow her on Instagram.

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